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Hi, I’m Erica… I’m proud to be your sistHER from another mister! I am an entrepreneur, public speaker, boy mom of 4 amazing human beings, and proud real estate freak. I’m just going to throw in “pioneer” as well…because if we were in the 1800’s, you better believe I’d be on that wagon heading west with my pick-axe and shotgun. Let’s GOOOO!

I’ve spent the past 17 years building multiple, multi-million dollar real estate companies and portfolios, have brokered thousands of transactions, and have actively invested in over 100 real estate projects from residential, muliti-family and commercial projects. The list goes on…she loves to make that money folks! And the truth is, I was good at it!
While busy building my companies, leading my teams and hard-core momming…to say my head was buried in LIFE would be a major understatement. REAL STUFF was going on…and I didn’t want to face it until I HAD to. The reality was once it was faced, life would never look the same again for me and my 4 boys. My story is one for the books…and yet, what should have taken me out emotionally, mentally, and physically, only made me better. Is that not the wildest part of life?! You pick up a very unique skillset in adversity…and so the biblical proverb was true in my life…it all worked out for my good.
In that wilderness of self-discovery, a very different vision for my life was birthed…or what like I’m now realizing…was always there.
If you’ve known me for any amount of time, you’ll know that I’m passionate about helping women get to where they need be to thrive in life…and all of that takes money wisdom. Women are some of the most hard-working, selfless, and committed humans out there…and yet we leave so much on table, when it comes to money.
Let’s be real, when you get us girls together, we’d rather talk about plumping lip-glosses than the latest stock tip. And that’s totally cool…until it’s totally is NOT. National statistics on women and money are displaying that most women have not been given the tools and education to be successful in this area of life. And it’s more important than ANYONE is talking about. So let’s stop with the latest protein shake brands…(although DM which you love), and let’s dive in.
So here it is! SmartHER Movement. The place for you to build your community of like-minded women who don’t play…but love to play! #dontplaywithher Let us stand with you as we tackle tough money subjects, learn tips and tricks from the brightest minds out there, and ultimately gain that financial freedom we all crave to live out our best lives.
I believe in you sis. I believe in your dreams. I believe that you can achieve anything you set your mind to when you’re willing to discover and pursue the habits and disciplines it takes to be successful with money. I’ve seen impossible things in my life happen…let’s stand together to see those happen for you.
Let’s get our money right…every great journey starts with a single step. Grateful to be on this adventure together with you.
In Service, Erica